Occult Occurrences

Occult Occurrences

Roleplaying in Lovecraft’s 1920s New England using Call of Cthulhu 3rd/7th edition rules

Hello everyone,

I have set up our game on obsidianportal.com so that all of the available information is easily accessible for myself and the players alike. I want to use this site to supplement our in-person sessions, at the very least for handling pre-adventure preparation and session recaps. You can also describe what you’d like your characters to do during in-game downtime and other events and I will write how it all plays out.

Please take some time to develop a page for your character. You are welcome to fill out the digital character sheet (6th edition is fine), but Description and Bio are important enough for now.

The site works similar to wikipedia, so use the sidebar (top menu on mobile) to navigate to different areas and click on colored wording to follow a link to the referenced page.

Looking forward to playing both online and off!

- Nate



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