Gene Bowman

The host of the party and the toast of Miskatonic.


Gene is a tall, thin, and physically uncoordinated young adult. He often fights with his curly sandy-brown hair. His mossy green eyes are usually transfixed on what ever his currently obsessing over.


Gene is a early-mid 20’s Ph.D. candidate at Miskatonic University in the field of Mechanical Engineering and is currently performing research on material processing of Stainless Steel.

Gene has always had a knack for taking things apart and studying how stuff works. It wasn’t until he started working in his father’s machine shop that he learned how to put those things back together. As an engineering undergraduate at MIT, gene earned the distinction of 2nd fastest machinist in the Commonwealth in 1916.

Having finished boot camp, Gene was never deployed in the Great War lucking out as the War ended one month before his outfit was set to travel to Europe.

Gene grew up in Providence, Rhode Island in a well off family in a well off neighborhood. His mother (Lorelei Bowman) moved to Providence after separating from the Senator Sharpe of Connecticut and marrying a the owner of Brearley Manufacturing (Hank Brearley), a major New England manufacturing company best known known for producing the first components to the Browning Automatic Rifle.

Gene Bowman

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