Rosie McIntyre

A shy undergrad with a passion for photography.




~Originally from Salem, MA.
~She had an older brother, who drowned in the bathtub under “unusual circumstances” when he was 4 years old. Rosie was just a baby, she doesn’t remember her brother at all.
~Her great-great-great grandfather Samuel McIntire, was the woodworker for the famous Joshua Ward house.
~Though she didn’t live in the Joshua Ward house, she always felt like a presence was watching her.
~From an early age, she was fascinated by cameras and moving pictures.
~She was given a box camera for her 13th birthday, and took it with her everywhere.
~Occasionally, Rosie developed a photograph with a mysterious component to it. But when she showed the photos to her parents, they never saw anything out of place.
~Her parents have been extremely overprotective since her brother died, and are in intense denial that his death was anything other than an accident.
~Rosie decided to leave Salem to attend college at Miskatonic, and the chance to be a normal teenage girl. After weeks of arguing and pleading, her parents finally agreed to let her leave Salem.
~Rosie is very aware that her parents will force her to return home, if they think she’s unsafe at college.

Rosie McIntyre

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