Alexander Biss


Alexander is of medium height and at 40, slightly past his prime. Almost in defiance of his receding hairline he maintains a luscious mustache.


Prof. Biss wanted to join the greats of American literature but like many authors find, this is easier said than done. After getting several poems published in The Atlantic Monthly he decided to take a break from teaching and attempt a full length novel. He set out to write the next great American novel like his idols, a coming of age story as a boy matures into a man.

The truth behind the novel he eventually published is that he hardly wrote any of it. Or rather, he doesn’t remember writing any of it. Often while writing he would fall asleep and upon waking find dozens of pages finished without a single correction. As this procedure of fruitless tapping becoming productive sleep continued, the original story of a young boy finding his way in the world turned dark and sinister ending eventually in a remorseless murder.

The finished novel, Here Lays Peace, was successfully published and did well enough that Alexander was able to continue his break from teaching. While attempting to write again, a murder similar to the one in the book occurred nearby and the convicted teen claimed Here Lays Peace influenced him. Ashamed, Alexander no longer discusses the novel and decided to return to teaching, a less troubled occupation. He currently teaches at Miskatonic University in the English department. His experience has piqued his interest in the occult which the university is willing to indulge.

Alexander Biss

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